Orrbasystems is an Information Technology Consulting and Staffing Firm. Over the course of years Orrbasystems has established itself as one of the premiere firms providing services to banking, financial, entertainment and insurance clients, among other industries.


  • 775 Addison Avenue, Suite   #202, Rock Hill, SC 29730
  • info@orrbasystems.com
  • +1(704) 733-8058

Orrbasystems is in business to create value for our clients and honesty and service underlie all that we do.

Honest, ethical behavior is the standard that we expect from our officers, other executives, employees and business partners. The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is an integral part of the company’s Compliance Program, which is directed at ensuring compliance with the myriad rules, regulations and laws that apply to Orrbasystems.

  • Provide the highest quality service to our clients by combining highly-skilled resources with our proven strategies.
  • Strive to support our projects with the most advanced technology to ensure we take advantage of the efficiency and accuracy that it offers and meet the market standards all time.
  • Consistently improve our deliverable to our clients and add value to your organization.
  • Forge lasting relationships with our clients by listening and addressing your needs in a manner which will allow you, as well as us, to be successful.
  • Support our employees in a way that learning, growth and recognition for superior performance.
  • Operate profitably to support our organisation.
  • Our ultimate goal is our customer satisfaction.